How To Remove Collect America From Your Credit Reports

Collect America, Ltd is a debt collection agency located in Denver, Colorado.

This company helps creditors to regain their debts, and their areas of interest vary from health insurance dues, pending medical bills / dental bills, defaulted credit card payments, and defaulted commercial payments.

The help that they provide to the creditors comes at a fee. The creditors have to accept much lower amounts than the original debt owed to them by the debtors, and once they receive this amount from the debt collection agencies, they have to agree to a charge off.

The debt collection agency has now made a small investment in the deal by paying a partial amount of the debt.

Obviously they have to regain this investment with some added charges to make the deal more profitable. So the final blow is delivered to the debtor, and he/ she has to pay the outstanding debts plus all the extra charges.

It’s not the payment that gets difficult, but the short deadline that harasses the debtors. And any delay in paying up ensues in sending of negative collection accounts to the credit bureaus. Needless to say this reflects negatively in the credit reports and affects the credit scores poorly. Poor credit scores mean closing of all doors to future line of credit for the debtors.

It is not easy to deal with these debt collection agencies. They can use all sorts of underhand techniques to squeeze the money out of you. Add lots of verbal abuses, threatening letters, threats over the phone and calls to your friends and relatives and you will have created the usual scenario of debt collection.

You may need a professional credit repair company to get you out of the mess that the debt collection agencies land you in. Before you select any credit repair firm that comes your way, stop and take some time to know more about them. The Lexington Law Firm is a credit repair firm that is located in Salt Lake City, UT. This credit repair firm has many years of experience behind it and over half a million satisfied customers who back up the claims of excellence put forth by this company.

How To Remove Central States Recovery From Your Credit Reports

Central States Recovery is a debt collection agency located in Hutchinson, KS. They specialize in collecting medical debts and health insurance debts.

They take over the outstanding debts from the original creditors at a low fee and then attempt to regain the entire debt with some extra charges attached to it. So the debtor has to pay an amount that is quite larger than the original debt owed.

While there are many laws in place to prevent harassment of debtors and to make the debt collection process a smooth affair, reality paints a different picture.

Verbal abuses, scare tactics, emotional harassment can all go over the limits and it is not uncommon to hear of harassed debtors ending their lives or attempting to do so.

There are only two ways of avoiding such trouble. First method is to avoid falling into the debt trap, and keep paying all your bills in time. This is actually easier said than done. Not all debtors keep defaulting on their payments on purpose; situations force them to do so. Second method is more practical. Seek professional help.

Professional help will be needed to undo all the damage created by these debt collection agencies on your financial reputation. By the time that these debt collection agencies are done with you, your credit scores will be dipping at base levels.  That means credit suicide, as no future line of credit can be expected with such low credit scores.

How To Remove Central Financial Control From Your Credit Reports

Central Financial Control is a debt collection agency located in Bridgeton, MO. This particular debt collection agency specializes in collecting outstanding debts of all kinds. Medical debts, insurance EMIs, commercial debts, bounced checks etc are all areas of interest for this debt collection agency.

This debt collection agency believes in the motto of using force to extract debts from debtors. Their website clearly mentions that using force is sometimes necessary and they agree that their debt collection executives are highly skilled in using verbal force to collect dues from debtors. If you are the creditor, then you should be lucky to hire them to get your outstanding dues cleared. But if you are the desolate debtor, then you really need to worry.

Imagine going through the trauma of hearing all that skilled verbal abuse from this company’s debt collection executives. Do you want to be forced and pressurized into paying your debts and more by way of charges? No debtor in his / her sane mind would ever wish to go through the forcible recovery system that many debt collection agencies use.

If you thought that such debt collection mishaps only happen to other people, then you are terribly wrong. All of us owe some amount of money to someone each month. It could be the credit card companies, banks, insurance companies, telephone company or even a hospital. Though all of our bills are regularly paid each month, crises do not announce their arrival before knocking at your door. If such a crisis happens and you default on your payment, you could very well be hounded by one of these rogue debt collection agencies, even before you realize what is happening.

When the original debt is transferred from the original debtor to a debt collection agency, it is called a charge off. Any record of charge offs will reflect negatively on your credit reports. Another reason for your credit reports to look bad is the negative collection reports that these debt collection agencies send to the credit bureaus. A history of delinquency is not healthy for your credit reports either. Ailing credit reports rarely score anything over base levels.

Getting treatment for your financial situation is what you need now. Putting it off for tomorrow will not make surprise healing’s manifest out of thin air. Get a credit repair agency that knows proven ways to help you. Start with a credit repair agency that has many satisfied customers to support their claims.

Lexington Law is one such credit repair agency that can help debtors regain their financial health back. Experience and expertise both go hand in hand with these

How To Remove Central Credit Recovery Inc. From Your Credit Reports

Central Credit Recovery Inc is an affiliate-office for the province of Saskatchewan for Trans Union of Canada, Inc. Established in 1994, this company boasts of a debt recovery rate between 45 and 60 % which is well above the national average. That is great news for the company and its owner, but nothing more than cause for concern for the debtors who have to deal with them.

There are many laws in place to restrain the debt collection agencies from using underhand methods for debt collection. But isn’t it obvious that no debtor would pay up at short notice, unless they are threatened and forced into doing it? So to make a long story short, debt collection agencies will employ all the rules in their little Black book, to extract the outstanding money from the debtors.

I speak from experience. A few years back I did run into trouble with one of these debt collection agencies like Central Credit Recovery Inc. I was overcome by a medical crisis and could not pay up the debts in time. Without wasting much time, my debt was charged off to a debt collection agency. Maybe it was my foul luck that ensured that I had to deal with the nation’s most notorious debt collection agency, which was well known for its scare tactics and goons who masqueraded as debt collection executives.

This debt collection agency made it sure that I faced hell on Earth. Abuses, threats to come up to my doorstep, calling my family and friends and calling me at least 5 times  a day were some of their debt collection methods. To add salt to injury, they also tagged negative collection reports with all the 3credt bureaus. What ensued was total mayhem. My credit scores plummeted to base levels at 588, and blocked all chances of getting a line of credit in future. I also had a civil judgment and 3 charge offs to deal with in addition.

I cannot emphasize the importance of seeking professional help in a situation like this. I was actually too caught up with these debt collection goons and their threats to think straight, losing valuable time and peace of mind in the process. But when my cousin mentioned about Lexington Law, he did have all my attention.

Lexington Law is a credit repair firm located in Salt lake City, UT. They have been helping numerous debtors with their professional expertise. More than half a million customers have already benefited from the credit repair techniques used by the Lexington Law Firm.

How To Remove Cavalry Portfolio Services From Your Credit Reports

Cavalry Portfolio Services is a debt collection agency located in Tempe, AZ. It also has another office at Valhalla, NY. Basically a debt collection agency is a convenient arrangement for creditors who want to get back their money from their debtors that are not paying up in time. But beyond that, there is nothing convenient or good about a debt collection agency.

The original creditors may have to put up with a loss of a small amount of money, as the debt collection agency will not pay the entire amount of outstanding debt. But this small loss is better when compared to losing out on the entire amount of debt.

The debt collection agency now looks at this entire arrangement as an excellent opportunity to rake in profits. So they contact the debtor and ask him to pay an amount larger than that originally owed by him/ her.

The entire process is obviously not smooth and more often than not debt collection agencies like Cavalry Portfolio Services will make use of unlawful debt collection measures like threatening, abusing or harassing the debtor.

Ask any debtor who has had the misfortune of having todeal with such a pesky debt collection agency and they will tell you how torturing it had been.

Many people do try to deal with these debt collection agencies themselves and may either try to strike up a deal or request for concessions or to extend the deadline. If you too belong to this group of debtors, then be warned that none of these do-it-yourself techniques are going to yield any results. This is simply because the debt collection agency is not focused on helping you; instead they are focused on their margin or profit.

Do not think of this encounter with the debt collection agency as a short term mishap. They will make it a point to ensure that they leave long term implications on your credibility and reputation by using various methods. The debt collection agencies may call up your friends and relatives as part of the process of debt collection, and it goes without saying that this can serve a severe blow to your reputation.

Another long term implication is the negative collection reporting to all 3 credit bureaus, that these debt collection agencies indulge in. What ensues is the gradual deterioration of your credit score to base levels like 588, leaving you with no further chance of obtaining a line of credit.

What you need is professional help to deal with this situation. A professional credit repair company like Lexington Law has the necessary expertise and resources to mend your tattered credit score. Take for instance the Lexington Law Firm. This particular credit repair company enjoys years of expertise in dealing with such situations, and more than half a million customers have already taken advantage of their proficiency.

How To Remove Capital Recovery Services From Your Credit Reports

Capital Recovery Services LLC is a debt collection agency that is located in Jacksonville, Florida. Being a debt collection agency, their business involves debt purchase and collection. Delinquent debts are purchased by this company at a lower price and then the debt plus some extra charges are extracted from the debtor. Sometimes the debt may even be sold off again to another debt collection agency at a slightly higher amount than that paid for the charge off.

While it sounds quite simple at this point, the entire process can very swiftly turn into a nightmare when you are forced to personally deal with debt collection agencies like Capital recovery Services, LLC.  It is common knowledge that debt collection agencies use several hard core methods to extract the money out of the debtor’s pockets. Nothing is taboo for these debt collection agencies and verbal abuse, scare tactics, emotional blackmail, threats all work fine for them.

That said, federal debt collection laws do not approve of such underhand methods and these debt collection agencies could face legal action if proved to harass debtors. But the point is that debtors are rarely aware of the legality of the issues and very easily fall prey to the harassment meted out by the debt collection agencies.

Debtors may end up promising to pay exorbitant amounts as debt plus charges in a short period of time. It goes without saying that none of such forced promises can be actually honored. What entails are more threats,  negative collection reporting to all 3 of the credit bureaus and reselling of the debts to another debt collection agency.

If you have any account with Capital Recovery Services LLC or any other debt collection agency, you probably have encountered all the above mentioned problems and more. If you are putting up with all this trash, just because you are not aware of the solution, then it truly is a shame. You are entitled to know about the means to your mental peace and to enjoy relief from these problems.

Lexington Law can become your easiest solution to all these debt related issues and more. Well, it’s not merely one or two or even ten customers who are singing praises for this Lexington Law Firm. More than half a million satisfied customers will vouch for the fact that these guys are indeed good at what they do. The Lexington Law Firm is based in Salt Lake City, UT.

How To Remove Capital Management Services From Your Credit Reports

Capital Management Services is a debt collection agency that has offices in both Greenville, SC and Buffalo, NY. This company is a collection agency that has over 2600 employees and has been in the delinquent receivables collection industry for the last 55 years.

Keeping ones debts unpaid is definitely not a good thing to do, but majority of the debtors do not leave their debts unpaid without a genuine reason. Crises do not come announced, and when they do come they do bring in a lot of emotional and financial problems along with them. If these financial problems have left you in debt then you have an added problem of having to deal with debt collection agencies like Capital Management Services.

Charge offs are the reason why debtors have to deal with debt collection agencies. When the original creditor finds that the payments on his/ her loans or credits have remained unpaid for some time, they sell the delinquent debtor’s information to a debt collection agency for some money. Now the debt collection agency considers this as a business opportunity to make some profit out of the whole transaction and that is how debtors are billed extra charges in addition to the outstanding debt amount.

In addition to making money out of this deal, the collection agency will also send negative collection reports to all 3 of the credit bureaus, which is going to severely hamper your chances of obtaining a future line of credit. Not to mention the history of delinquency of previous debt and the subsequent charge off that are going to reflect poorly on your credit reports.

But there is a way to save yourself from the trouble of having to deal with repeated refusals for new credit or loan. Hire a
credit repair agency that can deal with your credit report revamp process in a professional manner.

The Lexington Law Firm is one of the best credit repair agencies that can help you out of this mess. This firm is based in Salt Lake City, UT. Owing to their several years of experience in mending battered credit scores and reports, they have successfully helped over half a million debtors to put their credit reports back on track.

How To Remove Bridgeport Financial From Your Credit Reports

Bridgeport Financial Inc was established in the year 1994 by Christina Ann Harbridge-Law. The current owner is Mr. Roger Young. Based in San Jose, CA this company is another addition in the long list of debt collection agencies.

This company deals with making profits off a person’s debts. What they do is engage in a complex transaction that involves the original creditor, the debtor and sometimes other collection agencies in addition to them.

What ensues is total mayhem for one person- the debtor. The rest of the participants of this transaction stand only to gain in their own respective ways, except for the debtor.

In case you have not yet had one of these not-so pleasant encounters with any debt collection agencies yet, consider yourself lucky. But don’t expect this luck to last long. Before you know one of your creditors can charge off your outstanding debts to third party agencies like

Bridgeport Financial Inc. It is fairly common to land in this situation so do not think that you can simply wish these debt collection agencies away. ‘Knowing your enemy is battle half won’ says the old proverb. So
get to know about the dirty tricks that these debt collection agencies play to win the game.

Scare tactics, emotional blackmail, threats, abuses, vulgar language and shoving the ‘impending law suit’ demon into your face are all some of the all-time favorites of these debt collection agencies. In case you ever encounter such trash, just keep your wits around you. Remember that none of these so called debt collection ‘techniques’ are legally admissible.

When debt collection agency executives behave in an improper manner let them know that you are aware of your basic rights. Do not let them force you into arriving at hasty decisions or promises of paying
what you cannot afford. If you do that you will only be in more trouble.

Instead seek professional help without any further delay. What should you look for when seeking professional help? Let me answer that for you. You need to look for 3 things. First of all seek a professional credit repair agency, secondly ensure their credibility/ expertise and thirdly ask to see proof of their abilities.

Do you want the long and arduous search to be made easier for you? Well, here is a credit repair company that conforms to all 3 criteria above. The Lexington Law Firm is one of the best credit repair firms, which is based in Salt Lake City, UT. This is credit repair firm that has years of professional expertise behind them and more than half a million
happy and satisfied customers.

How To Remove Bonded Adjustment Bureau From Your Credit Reports

Bonded Adjustment Bureau is no doubt the oldest of all debt collection agencies in Utah. It was established as early as 1921 in Salt Lake City and incorporated in 1959. The owner of this company is Mr. Gary Thomas. This particular debt collection agency specializes in collecting outstanding debts of various kinds like for instance the unpaid medical bills, individual debts, commercial and retail bills, un-cleared checks etc.

Needless to say that this company is mainly a third party debt collection agency and is quite dangerous as it clearly advertises about its policy of reporting negative collection accounts to all 3 credit bureaus within just 30 days.

No debtor can afford to pay up the outstanding debt and exorbitant additional charges that these debt collection agencies plunk on their heads in a short duration of 30 days. That only means one thing for the debtors-Inevitable negative reporting on all 3 of their credit reports.

How cruel can that be? Besides, the Bonded Adjustment Bureau clearly mentions about a technique that they proudly utilize to find the addresses of debtors.

They lovingly call it as the Skip tracing method, wherein the agency executives call up  relatives and friends of the debtors to find out the whereabouts of the debtors. Can there be anything more unethical than tarnishing a person’s image and reputation amongst his/her family and friends?

If you have any collection account with Bonded Adjustment Bureau, be warned about this technique, and expect all of your
friends, family and acquaintances to be informed about the ‘nitty gritty’ of your unpaid debts. Also expect to get a severe battering of your credit scores and seeing them languish at base levels at 588 or so.

None of these methods that debt collection agencies use to harass and squeeze out money from debtors are legal or amenable to federal laws of debt collection. Despite that, debt collection agencies continue to keep up with their scare tactics and unlawful debt collection techniques.

There is a great solution to tackle this menace. Don’t you agree that the cancerous tumor is best dealt with by the surgeon’s knife? Well, the only criterion is to find the best cancer surgeon. Still not getting my point? Credit repair agencies are the only solution to tackle these pesky debt collection agencies. But any credit repair agency will not do.

You can rely only on the very best. The Lexington Law Firm is one of the best credit repair firms, which is based in Salt Lake City, UT. This is a credit repair firm that will not make any empty promises or give false assurances. The executives know what they are doing because half a million of their happy customers are proof to their efficiency.

How To Remove Automated Collection Services From Your Credit Reports

Automated Collection Services Inc is a debt collection agency located in Nashville, TN. Automated Collection Services, Inc. (ACSI) was established in 1988 by Wanda F. Morris-Sams and Vincent P. Duffy, Jr.

Basically what this company deals in is debt collection. It is not the debt that is directly owed to them that they collect. There is a slight twist in here. Any debtor could suddenly have to deal with collection agencies like Automated Collection Services Inc, even if they do not owe a single cent to them. Such a situation can crop up when the original editor decides to charge off the debt to third party debt collection agencies like Automated Collection Services Inc. It is actually scary to wake up one day and find that you owe a stranger staggering amounts of money and more so when this stranger begins to threaten and terrorize you.

The story does not end there. Many a times the debt collection agency can again resell your debts to another collection agency and the nightmare continues. In addition to having to deal with more than one collection agency and their respective abuses, your credit scores are also going to take a beating. These charge offs, negative collection accounts, history of delayed payments can all add up and the final result that reflects on your credit scores is not something that you could be proud of.

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