How To Remove Financial Credit Network, Inc. From Your Credit Reports

Financial Credit Network Inc is a debt collection agency located in Visalia, California. This company was established long back in 1954 with the intention of collecting delinquent payments from California debtors.

Collecting delinquent debts is not as simple a process as it seems. There are several complexities hidden in this arrangement. Debtors who do not pay up their bills are first contacted by their original creditors and requested to pay up the debts.

Failure to pay up even after a few requests will provide a chance to the creditor to convert the debt into a charge off. This is where the debt collection agency comes in.

The charge off is purchased by the debt collection agency at a much lower price than the actual debt. But this discount in debt amount is not passed on to the debtor. Instead the debtor now has to pay more than what he / she owed in the first place.

When the debtor is contacted by the debt collection agency, their executives may use many underhand techniques to get debtor to pay up. Many debt agencies have even been reported to use goons to scare the debtors into paying up.

Even if a debt collection agency does not go the extreme extent of hiring goons to extract the debts, at least they will try to threaten and harass you by calling up several times in the day and also by contacting your family, friends and acquaintances too. The damage becomes more apparent when you examine your credit reports.

All charge offs and negative collection accounts can mar your credit reports. And these debt collection agencies and creditors report such negative collection accounts very aggressively and without fail. So if you have left any debts unpaid, expect to see negative tags on your credit reports.

Negative tags mean a lot to your credit score. More the negative tags lower will your credit scores go and lesser will be the chances of getting any loan in future. Hire a credit repair agency that can deal with your credit repair process in adroit manner.

How To Remove Encore Capital Group From Your Credit Reports

Encore Capital Group is a debt collection agency that is headquartered in San Diego, but has offices and operations in many other States of USA and also in India.

This debt collection company purchases outstanding debts from many different clients like credit unions, banks, utility providers etc.

This company claims to have invested heavily to put together one of the industry’s strongest analytic platforms focused on the demographic segment of distressed consumers. In addition they have approximately 20 million accounts.

It is a logical conclusion that this company will try to regain it return on investment via its business transactions. So finally it is the debtor who is going to foot the bill.

When the debtor gets charged for such a huge amount in addition to the original debt, it is but natural to expect total chaos.

The debtor is taken aback with surprise and when he / she gets threatened, bullied, abused and forced into paying up, things really get ugly. Debt collection agencies commonly employ such scare tactics to extract the money out of the debtors.

They will also send negative collection accounts to the credit bureaus which make your credit reports cut a very sorry picture. Your credit score will look embarrassing at base levels and no creditor worth his money would be willing to lend you a credit line anymore.

Time is money and more you waste of it, more expensive it will get for you. Debt collection agencies often charge off your debt to other debt collection agencies as well, when you delay in paying up. All this is not going to help you in any way, so stop procrastinating. Seek a credit repair firm that can efficiently take care of your credit report woes.

How To Remove E Partner Net Agency From Your Credit Reports

E Partner Net is a debt collection agency that is located in Utah. This company is a family owned business and has over 10,000 active clients.

They deal in collecting unpaid bills and checks. The general public is often unaware of the modus operandi of these debt collection agencies.

Many debt collection agencies are often labeled as junk debt buyers. What this term means is that such debt collection agencies contact creditors and offer to buy their unpaid debts.

But this purchase is done at junk rates, often using ‘cent for dollar’ arrangements. So a debt of face value $100 could be purchased at just 25 cents.

Is not this easy money for the debt collection agencies? The same debt that was purchased at 25 cents will be billed at around $500-700 to you.

This huge margin helps these debt collection agencies to make a sweeping profit even if debtors manage to pay up only a small amount billed to them. But isn’t it unjust to put the debtors through hell to rake in extreme profits?

Debt collection agencies can harass and abuse you and go to any extent to secure their profits. But as a responsible citizen, you need to be aware that none of these scare tactics or emotional harassments is legalized by law. Resist the attempts by these debt collection agencies to bully you. Decline any conversations through phone and ask to communicate through mails, so that you have a written proof of their threats or demands.

Falling into the trap of debt collection agencies is the worst thing that could ever happen to you. These debt collection agencies can tag negative collection reports with the credit bureaus. Most worrisome thing for debtors is that the same debt could be represented repeatedly under various names.

If the original debt was owed to Company A, and your debt collection agency is company B, your credit reports could contain tags
for the same amount from Company A and B and many more debt collection agencies that may have been involved in the process of charge off. All these multiple tagging is going to pull your credit score down to the dumps.

How To Remove Duvera Financial From Your Credit Reports

Duvera Financial is a debt collection agency located in Carlsbad, CA. Being a debt collection agency it targets delinquent debtors and employs all kind of techniques to extract the money from them.

This company deals with clients who belong to various industries like health, fitness, technology, home improvement etc. So any unpaid bills that these clients have are collected by the Duvera Financial Company.

But the Duvera Financial transacts these deals at a price. The debtors have to pay extra charges in addition to the original debt owed by them, and these charges contribute towards the profit of the company.

While this arrangement is quite expedient for creditors or clients, the same cannot be said about debtors. Since the process involves extraction of unpaid debts, things obviously cannot be expected to be smooth and painless.

Charge offs by themselves are a blemish on your credit reports. In addition to these
charge offs, when debt collection agencies tag your credit reports with negative collection accounts, your credit score will certainly plummet down to base levels.

These poor credit scores will turn out to be a great hurdle when you try to get a new credit card, a mortgage or any other loan. That
is when you realize the actual depth of the damage inflicted by these debt collection agencies.

Many debtors have to face additional harassment by way of pestering phone calls, mails and threats made by these debt
collection agencies. Any law abiding citizen can get rattled by threats of impending lawsuits, and that is exactly what these debt collection agencies use to scare the debtors into paying up the money in the shortest possible time.

There are laws to prevent debtors from being harassed by debt collection agencies, but not many citizens are aware of ways to get their credit repaired. Instead of wasting precious time over hit and miss do it yourself credit repair methods, seek professional help to bail you out of this situation.

The Lexington Law Firm is a good company that has many years of credit repair experience. It has already helped over half a million debtors in getting negative collection accounts removed from their credit reports and consequently helped them to enjoy better credit scores.

Better credit scores mean better chances of getting future line of credit for any purpose that you may choose.

How To Remove Diversified Adjustment Services, Inc. From Your Credit Reports

Diversified Adjustment Services Inc is a debt collection agency that is in debt collection business since 1981.

It is located in Coon Rapids, MN. This company excels in purchasing delinquent debts from creditors and then making a profitable deal out of them.

Regaining more amount of money from the debtors, than what they originally invested helps this debt collection agency make a huge margin out of the deal.

When debt collection agencies report negative collection reports to the credit bureaus, your credit score will be affected poorly.

This means that you cannot get any of your future credit requests like mortgage or auto loan approved. That sure is the worst possible outcome of this debt collection process, because your outstanding debt is leading you to a point of financial inadequacy.

Many people are aware that debt collection agencies can be contacted to make a deal that is more acceptable. But little do they realize what these debt collection agencies have in store for them.

While do it yourself credit repair information may advise you to contact the debt collection agency and ask for extension of deadlines or to reduce the charges levied on the original debt, none of these work in reality.

The sooner you realize that these do it yourself credit repair methods will not work, the better for you. More late you get with the payment, more trouble you will be landing in. So do not waste time and efforts over ineffective credit repair methods and seek out a professional company that has a proven track record to get you out of
this sticky situation.

How To Remove Creditors Collection Agency From Your Credit Reports

Creditors Collection Agency is a debt collection agency that is located in Roanoke, VA. This company has been in the debt collection business since 1974. It deals with debts relating to utilities, government, dental, business, medical, commercial and retail.

Creditors Collection Agency follows a no collection no pay rule while dealing with creditors. So that means that they make sure that each of the charge off is definitely recovered from the debtors, because their entire business depends upon extracting debts from the debtors.

Their website mentions about Skip Tracing, which is a method used by this company to gather information about debtors who can no longer be contacted by their creditors due to change in address and contact details.

Skip Tracing ensures that this company will hound the debtor down, no matter where they are and will reveal all of their contact details.

This information will be then used to demand payments and there is actually no way to get rid of them.

Dealing with underhand techniques employed by debt collection agencies is not easy. If your creditor has hired this Creditors Collection Agency to get back the debts owed by you, then expect trouble, and huge amounts of it. Verbal abuses, threats and insults are all part of the package; stay prepared to face all of these and more.

You will get numerous phone calls in a day, demanding speedy payment for a huge amount that is well in addition to the debt actually owed by you. Extra amounts that the debt collection agency charges you are the cream of the deal for them. Expect all of your pleas and requests to reduce the payable amount and get your deadline extended, to fall on deaf ears.

Your credit reports can get affected by negative collection accounts logged in by these debt collection agencies. Add charge offs and civil judgments if any, to the negative collection accounts and what you get is a poor credit score that is somewhere in the range of 588 or so. These poor credit levels ensure that you will never get any other credit unless you get your credit reports improved.

Seek professional assistance from credit repair agencies to get your credit reports back in shape and fit enough to make you eligible for future credit needs.

How To Remove Credit Bureau Associates From Your Credit Reports

Collection Bureau Associates is a debt collection agency that is situated in Georgia, Alabama. This company was founded in 1948 and has been in the business of collecting delinquent payments.

Though this company deals in numerous areas like retail debts, commercial debts, bad checks etc, their specialty is medical bill collection.

It is unfortunate that people have to deal with sudden medical crises. But what’s more pathetic is that majority of such crises result in huge amounts of debt by way of outstanding medical bills.

It is not easy for majority of the people to handle such situations smoothly. After all how many of us actually have lumps of money lying around in our banks, waiting to be spent on unexpected expenses like these?

What ensue later on are defaulted payments on medical bills and credit cards, which finally lead the debt collection agency executives to your door. Take my word for it; such a situation can happen to anyone of us any time.

How To Remove Collect America From Your Credit Reports

Collect America, Ltd is a debt collection agency located in Denver, Colorado.

This company helps creditors to regain their debts, and their areas of interest vary from health insurance dues, pending medical bills / dental bills, defaulted credit card payments, and defaulted commercial payments.

The help that they provide to the creditors comes at a fee. The creditors have to accept much lower amounts than the original debt owed to them by the debtors, and once they receive this amount from the debt collection agencies, they have to agree to a charge off.

The debt collection agency has now made a small investment in the deal by paying a partial amount of the debt.

Obviously they have to regain this investment with some added charges to make the deal more profitable. So the final blow is delivered to the debtor, and he/ she has to pay the outstanding debts plus all the extra charges.

It’s not the payment that gets difficult, but the short deadline that harasses the debtors. And any delay in paying up ensues in sending of negative collection accounts to the credit bureaus. Needless to say this reflects negatively in the credit reports and affects the credit scores poorly. Poor credit scores mean closing of all doors to future line of credit for the debtors.

It is not easy to deal with these debt collection agencies. They can use all sorts of underhand techniques to squeeze the money out of you. Add lots of verbal abuses, threatening letters, threats over the phone and calls to your friends and relatives and you will have created the usual scenario of debt collection.

You may need a professional credit repair company to get you out of the mess that the debt collection agencies land you in. Before you select any credit repair firm that comes your way, stop and take some time to know more about them. The Lexington Law Firm is a credit repair firm that is located in Salt Lake City, UT. This credit repair firm has many years of experience behind it and over half a million satisfied customers who back up the claims of excellence put forth by this company.

How To Remove Central States Recovery From Your Credit Reports

Central States Recovery is a debt collection agency located in Hutchinson, KS. They specialize in collecting medical debts and health insurance debts.

They take over the outstanding debts from the original creditors at a low fee and then attempt to regain the entire debt with some extra charges attached to it. So the debtor has to pay an amount that is quite larger than the original debt owed.

While there are many laws in place to prevent harassment of debtors and to make the debt collection process a smooth affair, reality paints a different picture.

Verbal abuses, scare tactics, emotional harassment can all go over the limits and it is not uncommon to hear of harassed debtors ending their lives or attempting to do so.

There are only two ways of avoiding such trouble. First method is to avoid falling into the debt trap, and keep paying all your bills in time. This is actually easier said than done. Not all debtors keep defaulting on their payments on purpose; situations force them to do so. Second method is more practical. Seek professional help.

Professional help will be needed to undo all the damage created by these debt collection agencies on your financial reputation. By the time that these debt collection agencies are done with you, your credit scores will be dipping at base levels.  That means credit suicide, as no future line of credit can be expected with such low credit scores.

How To Remove Central Financial Control From Your Credit Reports

Central Financial Control is a debt collection agency located in Bridgeton, MO. This particular debt collection agency specializes in collecting outstanding debts of all kinds. Medical debts, insurance EMIs, commercial debts, bounced checks etc are all areas of interest for this debt collection agency.

This debt collection agency believes in the motto of using force to extract debts from debtors. Their website clearly mentions that using force is sometimes necessary and they agree that their debt collection executives are highly skilled in using verbal force to collect dues from debtors. If you are the creditor, then you should be lucky to hire them to get your outstanding dues cleared. But if you are the desolate debtor, then you really need to worry.

Imagine going through the trauma of hearing all that skilled verbal abuse from this company’s debt collection executives. Do you want to be forced and pressurized into paying your debts and more by way of charges? No debtor in his / her sane mind would ever wish to go through the forcible recovery system that many debt collection agencies use.

If you thought that such debt collection mishaps only happen to other people, then you are terribly wrong. All of us owe some amount of money to someone each month. It could be the credit card companies, banks, insurance companies, telephone company or even a hospital. Though all of our bills are regularly paid each month, crises do not announce their arrival before knocking at your door. If such a crisis happens and you default on your payment, you could very well be hounded by one of these rogue debt collection agencies, even before you realize what is happening.

When the original debt is transferred from the original debtor to a debt collection agency, it is called a charge off. Any record of charge offs will reflect negatively on your credit reports. Another reason for your credit reports to look bad is the negative collection reports that these debt collection agencies send to the credit bureaus. A history of delinquency is not healthy for your credit reports either. Ailing credit reports rarely score anything over base levels.

Getting treatment for your financial situation is what you need now. Putting it off for tomorrow will not make surprise healing’s manifest out of thin air. Get a credit repair agency that knows proven ways to help you. Start with a credit repair agency that has many satisfied customers to support their claims.

Lexington Law is one such credit repair agency that can help debtors regain their financial health back. Experience and expertise both go hand in hand with these