How To Remove Absolute Collection Services Inc. From Your Credit Reports

Absolute Collection Service, Inc. is a consumer debt collection agency based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Absolute Collection Service, Inc. is a company that provides billing and debt collection services and it was established in 1987.

Absolute Collection Service, Inc. buys unpaid accounts from original the original credit lenders and then goes after the debtor with the goal to collect a higher sum than they paid for the debt (this is how a collection agency creates profits).  

Absolute Collection Service, Inc. regulates on its web page that it does some implement outsourcing of billing and debt collections.

Collection agencies are allowed to stick damaging tags on your credit reports, which will crush your credit score and keep creditors from allowing you to open new credit.

It is tremendously hard to get new credit lines – particularly a mortgage if you have marked up credit.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act enables you to challenge (and potentially remove) collection agency listings from your credit report.



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