How To Remove Alliance One Collection Accounts From Your Credit Reports

The Alliance One Collection Agency is a huge national debt collection agency that formed after five smaller agencies joined together into one company back in 1999.

The Alliance One Collection Agency purchases debts from other collectors who have given up on recovering the money. Alliance One collects unsecured debts ranging from delinquent credit card debts, telecommunications debts, utility based accounts, unpaid medical bills, and even retail charge card accounts.

In addition, Alliance One Collection Agency collects debt on for local and state governments as well.If they have tried to contact you regarding a debt, then they most likely engaged in a collection method which may have been a phone call or demoralizing collection letters, etc.

Most importantly, Alliance One is likely tagging negative credit account information on to your credit reports and history. A bad credit entry like a charged off debt or collections account item could quite possibly avert a credit lender from approving you for a mortgage loan, an auto loan, even a new credit card, or other kind of credit line / financing.

Luckily, you do not have to live with these negative entries for 7-10 years.

There are methods to use the consumer credit laws that overlook collection agency practices just like Alliance OneThe good news is that you may be able to remove them from your credit reports. You have a couple of different options which include educating yourself about the fair credit reporting laws and repairing your credit by using dispute techniques on your own. Still, the easiest, and less time consuming route to erase Alliance One Collection Agency accounts from your credit reports is contact a professional credit attorneys like the Lexington Law Firm.

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