How To Remove American Agencies From Your Credit Reports

American Agencies is a collection agency that has 30 years of experience in recovering debts. American Agencies is located in Orem, Utah and in Torrence, CA. The specialization of American Agencies is the collection of consumer debt.

American Agencies buy accounts that are already delinquent held by original creditors and they go try to collect from the debtors where they aim to regain more than the money they paid for. American Agencies employs a team of legal staff who aggressively attempt to collect the debt by direct mail, by phone and sometimes by threatening legal action.

Fortunately, there are consumer protection laws that guard you from the abuse of these debt collection agencies. The Fair Credit Reporting Act is a law that supplies ways to remove collection agencies like American Agencies from your credit report. You can try to do “self-help” credit repair methods after studying these laws so that you can remove American Agencies from your credit report.

An alternative and more efficient way is to hire a credit repair law firm to help improve your credit score by cleaning up your credit report. After multiple collection agencies reported my delinquent accounts that damaged my credit information, I hired a law firm to clean up my history.

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