How To Remove AmeriCollect From Your Credit Reports

Americollect  is a debt collection agency with offices in Manitowoc, WI.  Americollect was founded way back in 1946.

Americollect purchases accounts that are delinquent from the original creditors and then runs  after the debtors.  It is typical of a collection agency to buy  debt papers for less than what they expect to collect from the customer.

Ameri-collect’s specialization is debt collection for those in the cellular, healthcare, utilities industries and check collection. It is fortunate that there are consumer protection laws shielding people from unorthodox collection tactics by collection agencies for their accounts.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act(FCRA) provides individuals with a way of protecting themselves from getting harassed or hassled by collection ploys.

An inquiry or erroneous notation made by collection agencies has the power to damage or destroy a person’s credit history.

There are local, state and federal laws that protect people and provide a remedy so that inaccurate credit information can be deleted.This includes unverifiable and out of date credit information that stays part of a person’s credit history.

Many collection agencies have reported damaging information on my credit, so I needed to hire a law firm that can clean up my credit history.

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