How To Remove ARS National Services From Your Credit Reports

ARS National Services is a debt collection agency that is based in California but has 5 offices in different states, and reportedly employs 650+ employees to deal with debtors on phone.

This company is not exactly on the good list of many Californians and has a history of employing scare tactics to force debtors to pay up. Debtors have complained in large numbers against them after being harassed by company executives who call and use abusive, insulting and derogatory language. There was a lawsuit filed against them by citizens of California.

Collection agencies employ such rude behavior by default. They have already paid a paltry sum in lieu of your outstanding debts and successfully managed to clear your original creditor from the picture. Now all that they want is to squeeze out more money from you than you originally owed to your creditor, so that they can make a sweeping profit on every such transaction. Debtors have received $ 4000- 8000 as extra charges in addition to their outstanding amount.

If you have any accounts or debts with ARS National Services, then they have already placed negative tags on your credit report. How are you going to repay that debt and the huge extra charges that agencies like ARS National Services are billing you if you get your credit score tarnished with such negative tagging? This is exactly when you feel
trapped between the Black Sea and the Devil. Neither can you afford to pay your outstanding debt, nor can you get a new credit line to repay the debt collection agency.

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