How To Remove Automated Collection Services From Your Credit Reports

Automated Collection Services Inc is a debt collection agency located in Nashville, TN. Automated Collection Services, Inc. (ACSI) was established in 1988 by Wanda F. Morris-Sams and Vincent P. Duffy, Jr.

Basically what this company deals in is debt collection. It is not the debt that is directly owed to them that they collect. There is a slight twist in here. Any debtor could suddenly have to deal with collection agencies like Automated Collection Services Inc, even if they do not owe a single cent to them. Such a situation can crop up when the original editor decides to charge off the debt to third party debt collection agencies like Automated Collection Services Inc. It is actually scary to wake up one day and find that you owe a stranger staggering amounts of money and more so when this stranger begins to threaten and terrorize you.

The story does not end there. Many a times the debt collection agency can again resell your debts to another collection agency and the nightmare continues. In addition to having to deal with more than one collection agency and their respective abuses, your credit scores are also going to take a beating. These charge offs, negative collection accounts, history of delayed payments can all add up and the final result that reflects on your credit scores is not something that you could be proud of.

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