How To Remove Bonded Adjustment Bureau From Your Credit Reports

Bonded Adjustment Bureau is no doubt the oldest of all debt collection agencies in Utah. It was established as early as 1921 in Salt Lake City and incorporated in 1959. The owner of this company is Mr. Gary Thomas. This particular debt collection agency specializes in collecting outstanding debts of various kinds like for instance the unpaid medical bills, individual debts, commercial and retail bills, un-cleared checks etc.

Needless to say that this company is mainly a third party debt collection agency and is quite dangerous as it clearly advertises about its policy of reporting negative collection accounts to all 3 credit bureaus within just 30 days.

No debtor can afford to pay up the outstanding debt and exorbitant additional charges that these debt collection agencies plunk on their heads in a short duration of 30 days. That only means one thing for the debtors-Inevitable negative reporting on all 3 of their credit reports.

How cruel can that be? Besides, the Bonded Adjustment Bureau clearly mentions about a technique that they proudly utilize to find the addresses of debtors.

They lovingly call it as the Skip tracing method, wherein the agency executives call up  relatives and friends of the debtors to find out the whereabouts of the debtors. Can there be anything more unethical than tarnishing a person’s image and reputation amongst his/her family and friends?

If you have any collection account with Bonded Adjustment Bureau, be warned about this technique, and expect all of your
friends, family and acquaintances to be informed about the ‘nitty gritty’ of your unpaid debts. Also expect to get a severe battering of your credit scores and seeing them languish at base levels at 588 or so.

None of these methods that debt collection agencies use to harass and squeeze out money from debtors are legal or amenable to federal laws of debt collection. Despite that, debt collection agencies continue to keep up with their scare tactics and unlawful debt collection techniques.

There is a great solution to tackle this menace. Don’t you agree that the cancerous tumor is best dealt with by the surgeon’s knife? Well, the only criterion is to find the best cancer surgeon. Still not getting my point? Credit repair agencies are the only solution to tackle these pesky debt collection agencies. But any credit repair agency will not do.

You can rely only on the very best. The Lexington Law Firm is one of the best credit repair firms, which is based in Salt Lake City, UT. This is a credit repair firm that will not make any empty promises or give false assurances. The executives know what they are doing because half a million of their happy customers are proof to their efficiency.

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