How To Remove Bridgeport Financial From Your Credit Reports

Bridgeport Financial Inc was established in the year 1994 by Christina Ann Harbridge-Law. The current owner is Mr. Roger Young. Based in San Jose, CA this company is another addition in the long list of debt collection agencies.

This company deals with making profits off a person’s debts. What they do is engage in a complex transaction that involves the original creditor, the debtor and sometimes other collection agencies in addition to them.

What ensues is total mayhem for one person- the debtor. The rest of the participants of this transaction stand only to gain in their own respective ways, except for the debtor.

In case you have not yet had one of these not-so pleasant encounters with any debt collection agencies yet, consider yourself lucky. But don’t expect this luck to last long. Before you know one of your creditors can charge off your outstanding debts to third party agencies like

Bridgeport Financial Inc. It is fairly common to land in this situation so do not think that you can simply wish these debt collection agencies away. ‘Knowing your enemy is battle half won’ says the old proverb. So
get to know about the dirty tricks that these debt collection agencies play to win the game.

Scare tactics, emotional blackmail, threats, abuses, vulgar language and shoving the ‘impending law suit’ demon into your face are all some of the all-time favorites of these debt collection agencies. In case you ever encounter such trash, just keep your wits around you. Remember that none of these so called debt collection ‘techniques’ are legally admissible.

When debt collection agency executives behave in an improper manner let them know that you are aware of your basic rights. Do not let them force you into arriving at hasty decisions or promises of paying
what you cannot afford. If you do that you will only be in more trouble.

Instead seek professional help without any further delay. What should you look for when seeking professional help? Let me answer that for you. You need to look for 3 things. First of all seek a professional credit repair agency, secondly ensure their credibility/ expertise and thirdly ask to see proof of their abilities.

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