How To Remove Capital Recovery Services From Your Credit Reports

Capital Recovery Services LLC is a debt collection agency that is located in Jacksonville, Florida. Being a debt collection agency, their business involves debt purchase and collection. Delinquent debts are purchased by this company at a lower price and then the debt plus some extra charges are extracted from the debtor. Sometimes the debt may even be sold off again to another debt collection agency at a slightly higher amount than that paid for the charge off.

While it sounds quite simple at this point, the entire process can very swiftly turn into a nightmare when you are forced to personally deal with debt collection agencies like Capital recovery Services, LLC.  It is common knowledge that debt collection agencies use several hard core methods to extract the money out of the debtor’s pockets. Nothing is taboo for these debt collection agencies and verbal abuse, scare tactics, emotional blackmail, threats all work fine for them.

That said, federal debt collection laws do not approve of such underhand methods and these debt collection agencies could face legal action if proved to harass debtors. But the point is that debtors are rarely aware of the legality of the issues and very easily fall prey to the harassment meted out by the debt collection agencies.

Debtors may end up promising to pay exorbitant amounts as debt plus charges in a short period of time. It goes without saying that none of such forced promises can be actually honored. What entails are more threats,  negative collection reporting to all 3 of the credit bureaus and reselling of the debts to another debt collection agency.

If you have any account with Capital Recovery Services LLC or any other debt collection agency, you probably have encountered all the above mentioned problems and more. If you are putting up with all this trash, just because you are not aware of the solution, then it truly is a shame. You are entitled to know about the means to your mental peace and to enjoy relief from these problems.

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