How To Remove Cavalry Portfolio Services From Your Credit Reports

Cavalry Portfolio Services is a debt collection agency located in Tempe, AZ. It also has another office at Valhalla, NY. Basically a debt collection agency is a convenient arrangement for creditors who want to get back their money from their debtors that are not paying up in time. But beyond that, there is nothing convenient or good about a debt collection agency.

The original creditors may have to put up with a loss of a small amount of money, as the debt collection agency will not pay the entire amount of outstanding debt. But this small loss is better when compared to losing out on the entire amount of debt.

The debt collection agency now looks at this entire arrangement as an excellent opportunity to rake in profits. So they contact the debtor and ask him to pay an amount larger than that originally owed by him/ her.

The entire process is obviously not smooth and more often than not debt collection agencies like Cavalry Portfolio Services will make use of unlawful debt collection measures like threatening, abusing or harassing the debtor.

Ask any debtor who has had the misfortune of having todeal with such a pesky debt collection agency and they will tell you how torturing it had been.

Many people do try to deal with these debt collection agencies themselves and may either try to strike up a deal or request for concessions or to extend the deadline. If you too belong to this group of debtors, then be warned that none of these do-it-yourself techniques are going to yield any results. This is simply because the debt collection agency is not focused on helping you; instead they are focused on their margin or profit.

Do not think of this encounter with the debt collection agency as a short term mishap. They will make it a point to ensure that they leave long term implications on your credibility and reputation by using various methods. The debt collection agencies may call up your friends and relatives as part of the process of debt collection, and it goes without saying that this can serve a severe blow to your reputation.

Another long term implication is the negative collection reporting to all 3 credit bureaus, that these debt collection agencies indulge in. What ensues is the gradual deterioration of your credit score to base levels like 588, leaving you with no further chance of obtaining a line of credit.

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