How To Remove Civil Claims From Your Credit Reports

A civil claim forms on your credit report when you are sued in court by a creditor for payment towards a debt that is not paid.

A legal hearing takes place and the debt collector is given an assigned amount of time to retrieve the owed debt.

The collector has the ability to extend to amount of time associated with collecting the debt.

Civil cases are already stressful, because you have to show up to court and try explain why you were not able to pay the loan or credit borrowed.  The problem is that life happens.

The economy is down and the job market is bleak.

Those are two basic facts, and they account for alot of the bad credit on the majority of consumers reports and the consumer ends up struggling even more because re – employment becomes difficult, due to the bad credit.

How a Civil Claim affects your credit  

To put it plainly, Civil claims are devastating to your credit report.  If you pay the debt off the civil claim on your credit report will still remain on it with all of the harmful effects, only the payment status will change of the debt itself will be updated to “paid”.

Removing a Civil Claim Yourself 

Getting rid of a civil claim listing on your reports involves sending a letter to the bureaus in which you are disputing the item.  You can challenge the validity of the debts themselves if you feel they are a misleading, or if they are clearly a mistake.

If you are responsible for the debt and it was placed on your credit report then the debt validation method will likely not prevail.  But don’t worry, like most people suffering from bad credit, usually a consumers’ credit went bad because of unfortunate circumstances.  Most people don’t strive to get civil claims and other types of bad credit listed on their reports, it’s clearly a mishap and mistake.

With that being said there are more advanced methods to approach a credit inquiry removal that falls into that category. Furthermore, credit inquiries that are not legitimate can be removed by you, the consumer successfully.

The problem is the amount of time the dispute process takes.  The credit bureaus recieve thousands of letters like this every single day, and they have a team that pans through the letters to acknowledge which ones have grounds towards their claims, to put it loosely.  Dispute letters can be deemed frivilious or in other words “obviously not serious”.

A simpler solution, for most

The good news is you do not have to battle against the bureaus all by yourself.  Many individuals in fighting with civil claims on their credit reports have turned to a professional credit repair service, more specifically, Lexington Law.

Lexington Law is one of the most reputable credit repair firms in the United States and has helped delete millions of negative credit items off of credit reports to date.  If you would like to speak with a paralegal for a free, no obligation credit consultation about your situation, simply fill out the form below and they will follow up with you!

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